What is Primal Flow?

Primal Flow is a bodyweight training system which maximises the movement potential of the human body. The system allows you to create an unlimited number of exercises using natural movement patterns such as pulling, pushing, squatting and crawling, and put them into a workout structure which has a more functional carry over to sports and activities than traditional exercise formats whilst enhancing your enjoyment and motivation to train.

Essentially it’s about building sequences of movements rather than repeating the same movement for a certain number of repetitions as in normal resistance training. Watch a few of our videos and that will give you a better idea. As we say to anyone who asks, it’s very difficult to explain in words, so the best way to understand it is to do it!


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What people say about Primal Flow

  • Thank you for such an amazing and inspiring weekend - couldn't have asked for more

    Personal Trainer & Dancer, Pam Borg

  • Good fun, unlocks so many different ways to do exercise without the need for equipment

  • It gives you a new outlook on your training methods

  • A new era of bodyweight training! Takes what you thought you knew about bodyweight training and flips it on it's head...
    James Walker, Leeds

  • Definitely attend the course, it's an absolute must as you gain so much knowledge and understanding

  • Massive difference in the way I will approach training people

  • It took me a week to come down from this course - I was buzzing
    Eval Denton, Former Thai boxing World Champion, Wolverhampton

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